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Stronger Than I Used To Be

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kalassy nikolov
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This journal is a variety of aspects of my own personal life. So if I don't really know you, don't add me.

When you add me, depending on how well I know you, I'll add you to one of my groups on here, which means you'll only be able to see the things I let you see. These groups are:

  • General
  • Music
  • Life
  • *SECKZ*

Obviously, they're different types of groups, some will be added to all, considering how well I can trust you. Though if you want to be added to a specific group, just tell me.

Also if you add me, please have something in common with me or it makes things kinda awkward, considering all the entries will be about things you have no clue about....

Also if you're just here to look at my profile because I've said something that you don't like in a group or something, I will refer you to Brenda:

Social capital

  • less than 10